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Find Out Natural Gout Medicine Here

High uric acid does require treatment from a doctor, but to support the treatment, there are several natural gout remedies that you can try at home. Natural gout remedies are believed to help relieve symptoms, while reducing uric acid levels in the body. Gout is a type of inflammatory disease in the joints. This disease can occur suddenly and cause pain and swelling in the joints. Gout can attack any part of the joint in the body. However, this condition is more common in the joints at the tips of the toes and fingers, wrists, and knees. There are several factors that can cause high uric acid levels in the body, ranging from consumption of foods with high purine levels, such as organ meats, red meat, and seafood, metabolic disorders, the influence of diseases, such as kidney disease and thyroid disease, side effects of long-term treatment to alcoholism. Various Natural Remedies for Gout Although it cannot be completely cured, gout can be controlled with proper treatment. The mai
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Getting to know Jacob's syndrome, chromosomal abnormalities in men

Jacob's Syndrome is a condition of genetic mutations that occur in men. If normally every cell in the body has 46 chromosomes, sufferers of Jacob's syndrome actually have 47 chromosomes. Although rare, but Jacob's syndrome is worth knowing. Conditions that only occur in men, can make sufferers have difficulty in growth and development, so that requires special attention from parents. Causes of Jacob's Syndrome In the process of reproduction, fetal candidates formed through fertilization will get a genetic component from the father's sperm cells and his mother's egg cells. This component will also determine the sex of the baby. There are two types of sex chromosomes that can form a person's sex, namely X and Y chromosomes. Under normal conditions, women have two X chromosomes (XX), while men have one X chromosome and one Y chromosome (XY). Well, men with Jacob's syndrome actually have one additional Y chromosome, so the chromosomes that are formed

Choosing the Right Stroke Therapy

Stroke therapy plays an important role in maintaining the condition of stroke patients in order to stay good and help prevent further disability. Brain damage due to stroke can spread and become a long-term problem. In order to improve the quality of life of stroke patients, stroke therapy is needed. Stroke can cause the sufferer to experience paralysis or reduced ability of bodily functions. Although there are those who can recover fully in a short time, but generally stroke sufferers need medical and psychological support in a sufficiently long period of time to restore their bodily functions to become more independent. Medical Therapy Stroke therapy can restore the quality of life of stroke sufferers. Here are some therapies that can be given, including: Physical therapy A stroke can weaken the muscles in the body of the sufferer. This makes it difficult for the body and joints to move. The effect is coordination and movement of the body to be reduced as well as difficulty